Self MOC: W.A.S.P. Unit

This is my self MOC. I built it because I wanted to try out a MOC that had absolutely no ball joint connections. The Warfare Assault Sentient Project is a war droid built with an AI unit controlling it, giving it a personality. Its purpose was to make a soldier that had humanlike qualities so that it would be intuative on the battlefield, but the idea was scrapped because its inventors soon realized that making soldiers without personalities is better, because WASP units began developing feelings for each other and for people, making loss on the field a huge problem. The remaining WASP units were aloud to live out their lives however they wanted as long as they followed the law and behaved like normal citizens, but were monitered to see the effects of Artificial Intelligence in everyday society.

The floor is ball joints


I think the thin limbs really work for this MOC. I like the build and the balance between the black and yellow, but I am unsure of how the lower arms look. However, I find it very impressive that you built this without ball joint connections. Good job!

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No balljoints? What sorcery is this?