This is my self-MOC. I enjoyed putting this together, however I call it "WIP" because the legs are a bit simple for my tastes. So if I ever do get around to fixing this MOC, I'll post the remodeled version.

I don't really know what I did here... I guess I went nostalgia mode and made these like Brutaka's hidden blades.


Very buglike, can't wait to see what it turns out to be.
You might want to get the color-scheme to match a little more.

Xenomorph Head / 10


Less Brutakas hidden blades looks more like Goro Arms

So that's what that sythe axe was for...

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The limbs look awfull (sry :c),but the tors and head are pretty nice.

How should I make them better? I know the legs look terrible, but how should I improve the arms?

It's an inika build. It doesn't flow too well, but the colorscheme makes me think of rust.

i just think the lower arms look too skinny and square-ish

He looks good so far smile

Your face is a claw!
The integration of system is something I look forward to seeing. Keep it up.

I'm getting a "The Fly" vibe. You don't happen to be a fan of old horror movies, do you? stuck_out_tongue

Nice face.
Nice axe.

One small question though: "What are those exhaust-pipes for?"
That is to say, "they look nice and I like their placement, I just have no idea what their in-story purpose is".