Self moc: Zeus, toa of thunder

This is my self moc Zeus. He is the leader of my toa team known as the ancestors, the first set of toa. He was the first successful intelligent organism to be created by the great beings other than the matoran.


He seems really tall and skinny. That head also doesn't fit in.


yeah, the main reasons use the head are as follows:
*It fits the colour scheme
*Only silver head I own
*Based off an old character of mine
Thanks for the feedback though smile

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name doesn't fit.... the story feels weird.... Moc itself feels and looks odd

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-Toa Element breaks canon
-Backstory breaks canon
-Seems a bit lanky
-Consistant color scheme

This is a 5/10. You made a decent attempt, but it could be much better.


I really am not shocked by this moc.
It could be better as people have said.

i feel like a better background would be nice, the current one is distracting.
-the trans-neon green is spread out nicely.
the skull villain bone pieces are integrated well
-wings look awful.(too small, and lack of mobility in most directions)
- 2.0 chest plate looks strange on the inika torso
-from the side, the back armour juts out too abruptly
-mabye add some back coverage near the butt
-add some more dynamic poses next time