SelfMOC Ash2.0

I am remaking Ash again I don’t won’t to ramble on about him.
I still need to work on the weapons and the legs.Here are a phew pictures

Once again I’m working on the legs and the weapons hope the arms look better by


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Does he have a head? I can’t tell, it’s near pitch black.

I’ll put out more pics when it’s brighter outside
Yes he has a head

Really can’t tell much. Gonna check back when there are brighter pictures.

Lighting is too dark to make it out.

Looks a bit better from what i can tell.

Overall looks nice


You should wait until you have a lot of change before making an entirely new topic for a minute change.

Well the arms, while sure are custom, don’t really fix anything, and by nature of their construction will fall apart easily, you’re fine with just using a bone piece and just putting on that piece of armor on top, to add to that the arms are really long too so they can be shortened as well (measure your arms down your side if you want a better idea of how long they should be)
Thanks for the back swot by the way, that could use some armor too, maybe like a HF shield if you got one.

I just think the back could use some more coverage, but the front makes up for it. As in, I really think it looks good, and the head is pretty creative.