Selling 100+ lbs assorted Bionicle/Hero Factory.

Hey all. I’m moving cross country for a new job and I’m looking to sell my collection- mostly Bionicle (all years of G1, a few sets from G2) and a small portion Hero Factory, plus a little bit of random Lego blocks. Tons of masks, parts, and other collectibles, plus all the original instructions and lots of canisters. It’s mostly G1 Bionicle in varying states of assembly/disassembly, totals to around 100 lbs.

Any idea what price I could list for? It’s way too much to separate out and sell individually.


It kind of depends on what 100+ means. Like 110 pounds, or just barely over like 102 pounds? Most people sell a pound for like 30 dollars, but since it’s bulk for you, it could honestly be as low as 2,000.

I think selling in smaller packages is the smart way to go though. The average collector isn’t going to buy thousands of dollars worth at once, unless it’s a steal. It may be tedious, but separating things to 1-2 pound bags sold individually would probably net more money.

I think it came to ~107 lbs, but that includes several bins that store them. So call it 100 lbs of actual parts and sets. That number does not include the canisters or insturctions that go with.

I agree I could net more money if I separated them out, but since I’m low on time I’d be happy if I could move them all quickly. Unfortunately the size of the lot is so big that even if it’s a bargain, it may be hard to sell as one because of the price.

Do instructions add value? Because as a whole, all of the parts for the sets are there but if I break it up then the instructions mean nothing because there’s no guarantee any particular lot has certain sets.

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Yeah, I think it’ll take a while no matter how you sell them. If money isn’t what’s really on your mind, you could just have a very low price, or if you know someone who could store and sell them for you, you could give them a percentage of the profits.

Instructions aren’t worth much on their own, but if you sell them with the set, it could give you a few extra bucks. Again though, if money doesn’t really matter, just include them for free. If you have the canister and instructions, I would consider selling those together, but otherwise it’s just a balance between speed or money.

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For those curious, this is what it looks like.


That’s Toa Mata Nui there.

You’ll want to part him alone or even just his mask alone; that gold Ignika is at minimum $100.00 USD.


You might look into a second hand lego store in your area if you have one that would be the easiest way to sell the lot of it in bulk they will have to buy it for less to turn around an resell but would be the fastest way

How much would you sell them for ? Because I am stocking up on Lego Bionicle/Hero Factory and would be interested, but to your original question Bricklink is the way to go because buyers would select all the parts they need and so are not shocked for the price of all the parts.



Is any of this still for sale? If so, please tell me.