Selling a bunch of Bonkle guys

Hey there everyone. I’m clearing out a bunch of my duplicate sets, so I thought I’d see if anyone here wanted them:

I’m open to offers for any of them.

I’ll be listing a few more very soon, so watch this topic if you want to stay updated.

At the moment, these are the ones I’ll definitely be selling in the future:

  • Matoro Inika
  • Nuparu Mahri
  • Gelu
  • Toa Ignika

And maybe a few Barraki. We’ll see.


What condition are Ackar’s and Mata Nui’s joints in?

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Says in their descriptions. Three cracks on Ackar, two on Mata Nui, but all 5 are minuscule and don’t affect the figures’ stability at all. I’ll send them assembled to preserve their remaining sockets.


I might be interested in Toa Ignika or some Barraki once they’re up.

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I might be interested in toa ignika as well, and also maybe ackar

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Any Barraki specifically? I’ve got duplicates of Ehlek, Takadox and Pridak if you’re interested. I just haven’t got them built currently.

I’m waiting on a Bricklink order for Toa Ignika. I got him in a parts bundle missing the engine for his Skyboard, so I just need to order one of those before I can list him.

Too bad I already have Nuparu…

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I’ll probably be selling Matoro Mahri as well, if you’re interested.

How much would the prospective price be?
I probably won’t be buying anything until this summer, but I’m still interested.

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I’m basing all of these prices off the average prices on Brickset, which currently lists him at about £20. Mine’s missing all the Cordak bullets, though, so I’d probably list him somewhere around £15. Of course, I’d still be open to offers, as I mainly just want to get rid of them to free up space.

Sometime, I’d love to get Hydraxon… but he’s too expensive.

oh nice, ive been trying to find toa Ignika for sometime now and ackar would be cool to get too maybe i should yoink your ghid too…

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Now those I would be interested in :smiley:


Honestly, I might want to purchase all three Barraki, but if others want to get a piece of it, I’d be okay with just one or two. Toa Ignika would be one that I would love to obtain as long as the price is good.

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I might just have to yoink that Tahu, since hes actually a pretty reasonable price and is the only toa mata Im missing for my collection. Ill get back to you later on if Ill take it or pass this time, but is shipping to the US an issue?

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Shipping to America would be about £9 or $12.

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alright, Ill think about it some then.

Kopaka has sold.

@Mr.Monopoly, I will be passing on Tahu

Hmmmm… I may look forward to these…

Would buying multiple to America have only one shipping cost? I am not experienced with eBay