Selling LEGO Ninjago collection

Ok, so. This has been a tough decision. However, I have decided I think I am going to sell the entirety of my LEGO Ninjago collection. It has every single G1 set, 3/4 of the G2 sets, and every single G3 set. Pictures tomorrow.

My question first, before I list it somewhere- how much do you guys think something like this is worth? All sets were kept in a smoke free home in a pet free room (lol) by a collector (me) and well cared for, and more than half have instructions.

I would keep them but I'm trying to get money to further my BIONICLE collection (specifically the acquisition of more mint in box sets and rare Krana), which overall at this point I am much more interested in.

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a lot of money (JK, i don't know sorry)

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I'd say easily $400-$500.


This seems accurate, but look up the prices of the individual sets. Since you can't find them in stores, increase the price by 5%, so you actually make a profit. Maybe sell the sets individually.



Do not sell them as one big lot.

Sell them individually

Otherwise you would be like that one person who wanted to sell an entire bionicle collection from 01-06 at 1000ish and stated that she/he wouldn't sell them individually.

and no one likes that person.


Everyone hates people like that.


I sure hate that person. :angry:

...a lot :rage:


I reccommend selling the big sets seperately while bundling the smaller sets together and sell the bundles for $50 to $100 while using the other methods stated above for the bigger sets

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why would you ever sell your Ninjago collection

Ninjago is cool yo


Because it's been doing nothing for years...?

But I agree, I do like the series. But I need money, yo. Bionicle is cooler stuck_out_tongue

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It has probably been looking really cool :3


On the bright side it is the current residence of my dust collection, not sure where I'd put that after.


Sell individually. I used to take advantage of the people that would put up large lots. I would buy them, then sell individual sets for a huge profit, and I could still keep sets to increase my collection at the same time. I should get back into doing that; it was fun and profitable...


Is this still active?