Selling more Lego stuff (and some transformers too)

EDIT: Nuparu has sold.
EDIT 2: Gelu has sold as well.

Ever wanted my duplicate sets?

probably not but still

now you can have them

Also I’ve got this bundle of transforming boys as well:

I’m open to any reasonable offers.

I’ll be listing a lot of these in the coming days, so keep an eye on this topic if you’re interested in any of these:

  • Matoro Inika
  • 2003 Takanuva (figure only, no Ussanui)
  • 2006 X-Wing (no figures)
  • 2010 Luke’s Landspeeder (no figures)
  • A bunch of late 2000s City sets
  • 1kg assorted Lego bags
  • Another Transformers bundle
  • Assorted other Transformers

I’ve also got a very incomplete copy of the Rock Raiders Tunnel Transport. The complete set is valued at about £85, but mine’s missing almost the entire back half and a whole bunch of other pieces. It’s still got most of the rare bits, though, including all three magnets, so I’m wondering if anyone would be interested in it, or what price you think it’d be worth? I’m thinking about £50?


now if you really want to make money start selling ham guys


you know that’s actually a viable idea

how much would people be willing to pay for monopoly-certified ham guys straight from monopolyland


i know of at least 3 people who would buy them

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I’ve actually been thinking about hosting a contest on here and having a Ham Guy as the prize, but this seems like a better idea

I could include little Ham Guy adoption certificates


who would those be?

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you, N01 and ghib


Darn, I already bought Nuparu.

this would be a far better option than selling them


What would be the pricing on Nocturn for western America? Want that set, but shipping worries me.

ooo fun

perhaps, but I don’t want to pay shipping costs :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’d be about £7.80 standard or £10.40 tracked. I’ve got no idea what that would be in dollars, though.

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alright then boys have some more Lego stuff

Upcoming stuff includes a few more Star Wars ships and some early 2010s City vehicles.