Selpurus the lamia

I just felt like making a part snake moc because... reasons....

M'toa "Tips Mask"

A back view, the armour piece is actually the wrong way around in this picture, the piece is supposed to cover up the back more.

She's gonna take up some space on the shelf.


Interesting, very interesting

Looks really cool! Haven't seen anything like that before, very unique smile !


Well I was planning on just making mocs based on the ever popular as of late Half Humanoid characters
this was just the first I thought of so expect to see a few more

interesting design, unique, I like it

I like it, very well designed. I especially like the back, I think a SkullSpider would do the trick for the missing back armor. smile

I like the tail and mask. Very good!

That mask butt is creepy as heck!

Well I guess it protects against attacks from the back?

sees lamia in the title

you have my full interest

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well If you plan on doing any other mythical beasts,
I'd like to see what you could do with the harpy.

That was actually gonna be the next one
Might be a little harder to come up with though

Very Interesting use of the mask, I hadn't thought of that.

sees upside down mask on the head rage
Other than that, It looks cool.

That MOC looks great!

I like it!



I misread it, and I thought it was a llama MOC. Still great though.

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