Sentann V4: The Legacy of the Flame

My now former Self MOC. I hope you enjoy!



Put them down below if you have them!

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Bye guys!



He’s pretty well built, if generic and bland in terms of color. 7/10

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Really nice, but there’s a massive lack of red in the torso and the legs.



Exactly why he isn’t my Self MOC anymore. I knew I needed a Self MOC a long time before this.

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I agree with @SwagMeister on the lack of red, but overall it seems very well built. No wonder it took you so long. Who will be your new self MOC?

I love how the moc is basically void of any sort of gaps or holes…you managed to cover up every inch of his body with technic n’ system!

If I were to fight this guy, I wouldn’t know where to start considering how there’s no discernible weak spots!

Awesome, it looks like something Mr. Chro would build.

Like I said, impeccable work. You can’t win everyone over with amazing builds though, huh, Saxton?

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What can I say that hasn’t been said? The build is great, and full of detail. I do feel that some more red really would have been beneficial, though.

I actually don’t mind the colors,

what I mind is the build,

yes you filled everything in, but there is some serious inconsistency with the level of detail, the arms, lower legs, and chest are all slightly greebled solid designs,
and then the abdomen and thighs are just a greebled mess.

@Payinku Um, ok. The abdomen isn’t greebled that much. I kind of agree with the mess on the thighs, but I wouldn’t have included that design if I didn’t like it. I personally like the abdomen and the thighs, but ey, we all have our personal opinions. Plus I’m still fairly new to BioMOCing anyway so I’ll be learning from this. Thanks.

@Hafynx Why should I tell? I’m trying to keep it a secret. :slight_smile:

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It’s Tahu’s Armor suit

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This is a very nice MOC and the design is very nice, but the lack of red in the legs makes the colours loos a bit bland.

Hello Tahu, didn’t expect to find you here…

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just replace the sword with Tahu Nuva’s fire blades and give it a Hau Nuva, and BAM BOOMI SLAP ME SILLY!, you got a Tahu Nuva Revamp

Amazing! love the legs. They’re so well built! But like everyone else, I agree about the lack of red. Still, great job!

He’s pretty good, but could use about two more red pieces on the legs.

Three months of building for these responses. Have some decency people.


Now THIS is Bayonicle Tahu. Not bad though.

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I honestly have little complaints, other then the blocky torso, but that seems to be your thing. All in all, amazing work!