Sentro (Updated, Friend's MoC)

Here’s a heavily updated version of my friend’s selfmoc that I posted for him a while ago. Here’s a link to the original: Toa Sentro (Friend's MoC) . Feedback is greatly appreciated!


That head is sooo goood!

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Looks super cool. Reminds me of assasins creed

Dang, this guy looks pretty awesome! Nice use of system pieces to help flesh out the armor.

This is awesome, I love all the system you added and the head :ok_hand:

I love how well the system and ccbs elements blend. Very well done

I am a fan of cloth use in this MOC.

The picture quality is pretty bad… Try using a solid background and floor, maybe white, and add some lighting.
The moc itself is pretty good. The head is cool, and the color scheme looks really nice.

Cool! I like the color scheme