Serenveidung - Dragon Scale Armor

Greetings! Today i introduce you my newest Lego MOC! This is the main charecter from my stories about Bionicle (and maybe this story will be a book). This protagonist is Serenveidung in his Dragon Scale armor. This armor was forged long before he was born. The armor gives its user an ability to fly and an ability to speak to Dragons. As well as crush enemies to ash. Hope you enjoyed! See you next time!


Cool MOC, the build looks really good and the colours work well together. If I could suggest something, I’d try weathering the weapons a bit, they look a bit too shiny compared to the “aged” armour set.
All in , well done.

This looks amazing!

Dude nice.

Looks like fire lord has entered the world of Bionicle.


I really like what you did with the head!
Overall, this is a pretty awesome moc!
This sums up my reaction.

Reactions aside,
The color scheme works well, and LITERALLY EVERYTHING ELSE IS ALSO AMAZING.
That’s the only thing I can describe this as.


I think there’s too many colors. It just looks messy imo.


pretty interesting but it feels like firelord with different armor placement


The limbs look a bit basic to me and the mouth guard torso armour looks a bit weird, still the addition of wings are pretty cool, and the quality of photos are really good

Pretty much, wish he removed the back arm connection.

The moc looks cool but some areas are off-putting, mainly the head having 2 gaps on the side.

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Is this the Dovahkin?

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Looks pretty nice, great mask choice.

I like the aesthetic that you’re going for, but the different shades and printing of orang and red kinda clash. Also, like everyone else said, re-used Fire Lord frame is meh. should be more custom

whats not to love about this?