Serethus - The Duskbringer

In his search for life in the desert wastelands, Kardymis came across a small village, where he met Hafynx and a lots of other locals. They too had been stranded out in the open after the war. Hafynx spoke of how they found a single well of water, where they now live until the cities are rebuilt. When Kardymis asked if there was any other life that know of, they spoke only of Serethus. "He has many names... Deathsinger, Dark Priest, Ruined Angel, to name a few". The people of Hafynx's tribe spoke of how Serethus was becoming a big problem for them, so Kardymis decided that something had to be done. He searched for Serethus each day, returning to the village each night. He found nothing. "The Duskbringer leaves only one trace of his presence", the villagers told Kardymis. "Only death".

Thought I would share a little bit of story with you guys. I hope you like it, but now onto the MOC.

And now without the cloak...

Hope you like it...


Oooooh! Nice!

the white head and transparent blue arms are breaking the mocs color scheme . if you where to ad some white parts and blue that would make the much better and i really like the cloke

The idea of the white head is to break the colour scheme. And the trans blue hands are where his power is...

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So...Great Being Metus?

Honestly that's what it reminds me of. My interpretation of a Great Being, but with Metus's mask.

Yeah, i guess, sort of like a great being, but not Metus. Did you read the story?

Not really. I usually skip the story until after the MOC, because that way I'm immune to story excuses.

It wasn't really an excuse, but i would like to know what people think of it as I'm not a great writer...

Sorry if it came across that way.
I didn't mean to imply yours was a story excuse. It's just that I've seen a LOT of people make subpar MOCs and make excuses for it with the story, no doubt made after the fact.

This MOC has no story excuses :stuck_out_tongue:

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And by A LOT, you mean ALL. :stuck_out_tongue:


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I like it with the cloak! It gives off this almost creepy vibe!

The eyeless head is intentional, correct?

This is, simply put, amazing!

That name sounds like something form Destiny.

Build is good, though the trans blue and the white mask are awkward. 7/10

Does this remind anyone else of that guy from Big Hero 6?

Yes, that is intentional.

@Xevins Now that I think about it, it does look like that...

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That weapon's badass. Simple, yet creepy.
And I love his hunched stature. Good job!

awesome design but the clothe makes the legs invisible


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Thank you.