Set 8621 Piece count

For those of you who own Turaga Dume and Nivawk:

How many pieces does the set have? According to some pictures of the box and Bricklink, the piece count is listed as 179. However, some other pictures of box art list it as 221 pieces. How many pieces does the set really have?

Brickset lists it at 180 pieces, but references 179 on bricklink

BS01 says it’s 179 too, so I assume it’s 179

Haven’t seen any sources with 221 part count

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The set has 179 pieces. 23 in Turaga Dume, and 156 in Nivawk.

I counted.

No idea about any extras though.


Maybe Brickset was referring to the Ultimate Dume with the special Krakhaan? Just a thought…


It isn’t listed on the inventory on brickset, but neither is the mata head, just the brainstalk. So it could be the case.

Here’s that 221 piece count, from Amazon:
And here’s a physical box meaning it’s not just in the digital photos:

Additionally, 179 boxes do indeed exist too.
Based on TheJerminator’s counting, it’s likely erroneous. As to why the error happened, who knows? This is definitely too far of a difference to be dependant on regional counting.
The 180 on Brickset is also odd–Does Brickset count the instructions? (In which case most if not all sets should say the total is one piece more than Bricklink says.)

Maybe someone should, yknow, count the pieces?

Jerminator already did

Min 20+

Eljay gave 179 as piece count for the set and later added three in the ultimate dume count. The Krakhaan + two axles to attach it (no source found). So I would say that @Atobe_Brick was right.


Oh, whoops.