Set Number 70312: Lance's Mecha Horse

Among one of the more contested sets from the Nexo Knights initial leaks was easily Lance's Mecha Horse.

And so ladies and gentlemen, I present: Lance's Mecha Horse.

From head to hoof it stands at about 6" tall. A tad shorter than the previously reviewed King's Mech.

And, just like with the King's Mech, let's begin in order of smallest to greatest

The set includes 1 Nexo Power, and 3 Minifigs

Here we see Lance, Lance Bot, and a Flame Thrower

I think the Nexo Power is called Tractor Beam. I have no clue how to check the names of those things.

Of the five Knights, Lance has easily my favorite design, with a traditional jousting helm look for his visor, and the white works well with it.

his weapon itself, the lance, seems a tad oversized, but its length is appropriate for what this set does.

Lance Bot is basic, built identically to the King's Bot from last review. It comes with a small pointy thing for its weapon, which I assume is meant to replicate a miniature lance.

Flame Thrower is once again nice but forgettable.

Here's what Lance and the Bot's faces look like

these are the faces I prefer to have on at all times. Lance's alt is an obnoxious wink, and the bot's is that stupid grin that I hate.

The horse itself can move its head up and down, as well as articulate the mane, but that's more for transformation. The front legs can move as well, but you can't get good balance without all four.

The back legs are stuck moving in unison, and due to transformation, this is preferable.

The hooves all move, though, and you can get like

one or two good poses from that.

Additionally, the other side has a seat for the Lance Bot, and storage for the lance

The side prior had a spot for the shield.

Bike mode is where things get cool, though

Even from straight on, it just looks awesome and intimidating.

Really dig the silhouette of this thing.

The lance can even still joust.

Horse mode looks iffy, but Bike mode rocks.

Highly recommended


I've been using the app to figure it all out. It takes a while to do, but it works.

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I lack an app compatible device.

Also, forgive me, but I accidentally published this before finishing.

Edit has occurred.

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Just from the images alone, I hated this set, but seeing them in a bunch of different angles really changed my opinion. I'm gonna go with your advice and see if I can pick it up.

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I'm biased, because I love jousting, and lances, and all that stuff

but the awesome bikemode really does redeem it.

I'd rank it lower than King's mech, though, if only because that mech is like, the best mech from Lego's action themes in years.

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I'm not sure if the Horse is the right set for me, but I have to say it looks better than I thought. Thanks for the review.

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Yeah, admittedly, it's a very particular thing. And it's by no means perfect.

It's also not very appealing from a collector's standpoint, as Lance himself comes in three sets this wave counting this one.

Jestro's Evil Mobile, as well as Merlok's Library 2.0.

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