Set Review: 44018 FURNO jet machine

44018 is a Hero Factory set released in winter (?) of 2014. It contains 79 pieces. With that information out of the way let's move on to the minifigure things.

I'm gonna say this now, I really don't like the hero figs, they're just too tall y'know? The chestplate is nice and can be used for making custom figures, as well as the helmet, but the limbs are just... too long (especially the legs), and don't look that great in my opinion. The arms are okay but the pads on the elbows stick out too far. So yeah, the Furno minifig is disappointing and deserves to be burned. Now onto the jumper.
It's REALLY basic, but the fairly nice. And the piece that holds it together is good for moccing. As for the gimmick, it's okay. It works decently.
Now for the size comparison. Here is the mech compared to a standard inika build and a standard toa mata.
It's a bit smaller than a mata and a lot shorter than an inika build, but it is a fairly decent size and looks a lot better in person.
Now onto the mech itself!
It should be obious from the pictures, but it is very bulky at the top. And it surprisingly stands fairly well! The only time he fell over while taking the pictures was when Matoro knocked him down. The arms don't have elbows, but it's a mech. The cage on the back is also really cool and fits the jumper fairly well. (Wow I say "fairly" too much.) The legs are also just standard hero build wich does not help with the upper body's weight, so I shall eventually bulk up the legs. The armor next to the cockpit gets in the way of the arms so they can't reach very far.
NOW TO THE BUILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!1!!!1!!!1!!!!!!!!

So I forgot to take pics of this but the body is built very well and uniquely, which is nice. (It's not something I could think of.) So yeah, the build is very solid and fun to build.

Overall I think it's a very nice set and well worth the fifteen dollar price tag. My final rating will be... 7.8/10 too much fire.

Okay seriously I'll give it a score of 7/10. The upper body are greats, but the arms and legs are not that good.

Tune in tomorrow as I review set 8915 Matoro mahri!

Wow, that was long. Hope you all like my first review! It took like half an hour. Whatever... BYE!


Hmm, I'm actually kind of interested in buying this now. Thanks for reviewing!

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Glad you enjoyed! :smile:

I was going to pick this up, but then BIONICLE 2015 stole my heart and my wallet.

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