Set Review: 70787 TAHU MASTER OF FIRE

Time to start my BIO 2015 reviews, starting with 70787 TAHU MASTER OF FIRE. (Much hype.) Also, this is going to be pretty long, with 13 pictures/videos. So this time I'll start with the size comparison.

First, the skull spider.

So here is the skull spider compared to a standard minifigure, a jumper, and a hero figure. As you can see it is much bigger than the jumper and the minifigure, and roughly the same height as a hero figure. Now onto the mask size comparison.

The 2015 hau is actually around the same size as the mata hau, the Tryna, hauever is much taller and the Krana is much smaller. Now to the figure size comparison.

So, Tahu mata is a lot smaller (about 2/3) than the new Tahu. And the new guy is about a head taller than matoro. Now onto the surfboard real quick.

It looks pretty cool! It works nicely with the set, and one of Tahu's feet doesn't have to be in the lava. Now onto the FUNCTIONS!
First up is the mask pop off feature, which is performed by hitting the brain stock.

I actually really like this! While it makes it so the mask pops off really easily (I'll get into that later) it's pretty fun to mess around with.
The next feature is the gears, which are a lot more complex. And if you have a 2015 toa, then you should know this.

(Yes, the lighting sucks.) Yay! Gears are back, and better than ever!
I'll be honest, I love the gear function in the new toa. As most of you know, there are little gears just for friction that make it so if you leave it, the arms won't flop down. Which is just amazing! It does make the gears slightly harder to turn, but WHO CARES. So yes, it has a function, AND, it can hold a pose. That's some gr8 engineering right there. Now onto the new pieces!

Here are all the new pieces, with the exception of the gear box, which I'll get into later.

(I also included the chestplate because of the printing.) I really like the head design, mostly because I'm used to the glatorian head which I hated (solid colors FTW) and the new connection on the side of the head make it so that it doesn't need to have a huge hole in it's mouth, so it looks more natural. I also really like that shade of trans blue on the eye stock. (I also just noticed that I put a red axle in the new pieces.) As for the new armor piece, I really like it! I think it looks great in gold, and I hope they add more like this in the future. Now onto the lava board/giant sword thing. As with most of the new pieces, I really like it! It has a cool design, and hearkens back to Lhikan's swords. Contrary to popular belief, the skull spider leg is not new. I think it looks okay, but it's just a leg. I think the skull spider mask looks menacing, and that shade of green looks really cool. The mask also looks amazing! Wow, the new pieces section took forever. Now onto the BUILD!

So, the main build is mostly just standard CCBS, but there's still the gearbox! Which is comprised with mostly one big piece with some axles and gears.

So yeah, there's that small gear I mentioned earlier that keeps the gears from flopping around, which is a nice touch. All in all, it's fairly decently built. Now onto the SKULL SPIDER!

It's build is very basic, comprising of five pieces.'s a mask...with legs. It's okay, but for what it's worth, it's decent. Now for what you've all been waiting for! The actual set! (Wow, I've written this much already?)
The complete set.

Golden mask.

With skull spider.

In all seriousness though, I'm really liking the color scheme, I think the gold and mata red is so much better than the mata red and orange. Now for some things I hate about the set. The chest plates on the legs, make it so that the back legs aren't armored at all which is terrible. The shoulder pads can also sometimes get in the way of the gear functions, and those exposed ball joints SUCK. Also, that yellow gear on the back breaks the color scheme. And that trans orange looks weird, but not too bad. And the mask pops off easily like I mentioned earlier, plus he's a bit gappy between the chest plate and his body.

I actually don't mind the silver on the feet and hands that much. There's also his golden swords on his back, which look pretty cool, and are good while lava surfing. They can also be positioned on his back, but I just prefer leaving them down. It also has amazing articulation. I really love the gears and stuff, but other than that, I can't really think of much more to talk about. Time for my final thoughts.

-Good articulation
-Good color scheme
-Dual functionality
-Gear functions
-Mask pop off feature
-Golden mask of fire.

-Random trans orange
-Back of lower legs are unarmored
-A bit gappy
-Exposed ball joints
-Arms are pushed back. (Though that's pretty minor.)



Hope you all enjoyed, this one took me well over an hour.
Next up I'll be reviewing whichever set arrive in the mail first.


I just realized that I built the gearbox slightly wrong, thanks!

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You're welcome! :smile:

Good, indepth review!

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Thank you! smile