Seven Themes (Drawings)

Hello there!

This started off as a worksheet for my English class in which we had to draw a visual representation for Guilt and Honor.

I decided to draw a few more of these themes/feelings/truths.

#Guilt #1


#Honor #2

#Strength #3

#Betrayal #4

#Courage #5

#Wisdom #6

#Righteousness #7

That’s about it.

What do you all think? (I think they’re pretty cool!)
Comments and constructive criticism are appreciated!
Thank you in advance!

P.S. I apologize for the bad lighting on some of them (the pencil marks would have to be darker)


They look really cool! Love the design aspects of them!

They also kinda look like tatoos :laughing:

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that’s cool, you should do some more!!

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These are lovely, though I may argue that the reverse of the slogan for betrayal Is true though that may just be my career choice talking

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(Sorry for the long response time!)
@PakariNation99 Thank you! As for tattoos, I guess they would work!
@Aquaris Thank you! I plan to do a few more… If laziness doesn’t get to me first!
@Ace Thank you! I think it does indeed work both ways! Interesting…

@Scarilian Thank you!
@Fidda Thanks! Nope, no order at all!

Look pretty good :3

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these all look great, are they ordered in any particular order?