SH MonsterArts~Burning Godzilla Photoshoot (feat. EVA-01)

I recently got an original release Burning Godzilla figure for a rather cheap price: only $100. So the natural thing to do is TAKE SOME PICTURES with my trusty Evangelion figure! Shot on my phone, yes, I know I’m a scrub. GET IN THE ROBOT, SHINJI

Goji doesn’t look too “hot”

kill me now

In fact, he looks like he needs to “cool down” someone stop me

EVA-01 senses a disturbance from his throne.

This box seems foreboding. It emanates the “heat” of battle.

gasp It’s Goji!

Size doesn’t matter~

But attitude does!

Oh, Goji just wanted a friend. He gets the privilege of sitting on the magnificent throne!

Piggy-back rides! I gave up at this point

Perhaps it’s best that EVA is the only one to receive piggy-back rides…

Crushed just like my hopes and dreams of ever achieving anything significant.

Note to self: Get an actual studio for photos


These are some nice pics, the little story made me happy to read! :slight_smile:

straight outta a Dickard T video

If you have Godzilla and EVA-01 figures. You should be exited for the Godzilla vs Evangelion figure.

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RIP EVA… even though I never watch Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Piggybacks always end in tears…

They actually don’t, it just sounded cool…