shade thief


but that’s my second name

nice job


You’re starting to develop a really cool style with these. I’d say the arms are a bit too rounded, however. Keep up the good work!

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But isn’t Shadow Stealer someones creation from the Dark Hunters book? Meaning that anyone could draw him since he’s an official Lego character (or do you just mean your drawing).
Also ‘steal’ is literally in the name of this character XD
Anyways, awesome art! Ya get 2 out 3 awesome crocs :crocodile: :crocodile:

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That was…

That was the joke…

Thanks for the feedback, everybody! I really appreciate it! :]

Nifty, my dude. Don’t see much of the more obscure Dark Hunters, glad to see this guy get some love.

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Hello is this 911? I’d like to report a theft.

Yeah, someone stole my shadow.


Ah I saw this on the discord server. Jolly good show

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This looks awesome! Reminds me of the G2 promotional art. I know it’s not my place, since I’m terrible at digital art, but the black on the weapons looks a bit off.

@RogueToa Wait, there’s a discord server?

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It took me to a 404 error

Why is this in the latest?


Ghid recently deleted his post.

Now this is some good Jerbraz artwork.


why’d you delete this