Shadow Mazeka MOC

Species: Matoran
Group: Former Ko-Matoran; now Shadow Matoran
Mask: Powerless Volitak
Colors: Dark Red, Silver, Black
Element/Powers: Shadow (active); formerly Ice (inactive)
Tools: Staff, Shield

I'm sorry about the crappy photo, I make/edit my MOCs at like midnight (sleep is for the weak) while just sitting in my room, and take pictures with my phone. I'll try to get a better setting and lighting.


Cool mask, and I like the use of the talons on the chest, minus the ball socket. I'm not a fan of the Agori/Stars/Av-Matoran arms and legs either.


  • Looks pretty cool
  • The color is jumbled as all Zaktann
  • The Socket on the Foot-Chest looks strange
  • Black is too focused on the Legs, but has no presence on the body
  • The weaponry is sub-par

I would give it a 6/10.
With a jumbled color scheme and a strange body design, The MOC needs some work.

Needs Some Work wink

P.S. Sorry if I came off as too harsh.

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  1. Color scheme wise I don't have that many parts to work with (2 small bins, with a lot of broken pieces), so this is the best I could do really.
  2. The socket on the foot chest is broken, sorry about that. frowning
  3. The "Shield" is the only thing I had that sortof resembled a shield and sortof went into the color scheme. The staff I can change though, I'll try to make it better.

Thanks for the constructive criticism smile


actually kind of like the shield. My brother and I used to use anything as a shield in our old MOCs, and this is no where near as sad as some that we've used.

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No problem.

Interesting use of that claw piece... but that socket really is jarring. Maybe use a red three-toed Piraka foot instead?

I just recently used Black Phantom's insect drone thing as a shield. XD

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I own nothing from 2001-2006, so I have no piraka feet. I got into bionicle in 07, and even then I didn't get very many sets.

EDIT: I have Tehutti, but that's it from 01-06



@MiraculousPrime Doesn't look half bad actually stuck_out_tongue

That's a about HF parts?


I agree! Pretty cool, mang.

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I have never owned a hero factory set.

Really? Wow. Okay. How about G2 Bionicle?


All I got is the protector of fire. I'll buy more in the future, I'm about to sell my motorbike, so I'll have some cash

I also edited the protector of fire


Cool! I hope you'll make a MOC in the future.

I usually try to keep the set the way it is for a while after I buy it, then mess around with the pieces and things later. I have other "MOCs", but they're pretty standard. The foot-chest thing on shadow mazeka is the most interesting/creative thing on a MOC that I've done

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That's an interesting storing method.

The fire bits sticking diagonally from his back makes him look like Voltix stuck_out_tongue

Those keep my lego brick pieces because I have tons of those, even though I don't really build with those much. My bionicle pieces and things go in:

Those are literally all of the bionicle pieces I have, not including other MOCs

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@Zackmaster May you one day have a mountain of Pieces. wink

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I have so little pieces because all the sets that I have (that I can think of off the top of my head) are Tehutti, Matoro Mahri, Hewkii Mahri, Dekar, Takadox, Toa Ignika, Mistika Tahu Nuva, Mazeka, Vultraz, Chirox, Kirop, Photok, Tanma, Gresh, Vorox, and Protector of Fire.

A lot of these pieces are lost, like all I have from Photok is a foot, and from Chirox is a wing.