Shadow of the Colossus

So… Shadow of the Colossus, an epic PS2 game made by TeamICO. A simple, but challenging task, to defeat all the 16 Colossi, and bring your dead girlfriend back to life (Probably a horrible explanation, but ehh, Im to lazy to make a better one).

Anyway, what are your thoughts on this game? Fav. Colossi? Or if you want to talk about their other game ICO, or long awaited game The Last Guardian, you are free to do so.

My fav. Colossus would either be Phaedra:

or Phalanx:


I have very fond memeories of playing this when I was younger, and my favourite is the little lizard guy. Then the water snake guy. Sorry I don’t really remember their names and if you could tell me that would be great

The collosi look super cool, but I’ve never actually played the game.

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This is on my list to buy and play.

Someone should make a collosi sized moc based off these designs, that would be sick

Collosi sized moc would be impossible. You would probably have to scale it to 1/144 or something