Shadow Pohatu and Makutoran

Ok, so after seeing the Shadow Kopaka concept art, I told myself "Hey, that looks p cool", and then I thought "Why aren't there more?" So then I made Shadow Pohatu, so here he is

Also, pretend like he has a cape
And, also, have a Makutoran, Which is basically my own way of imagining what an Okotan villager would look like when taken over by the corrupt spirit of Makuta. This, one is more on the defensive side, using digging claws as shields

I basically just inverted SB's legs and slapped Bohrok eyes onto them. Pretty mediocre, but it gets the job done. I also wanted to make It look like she had arms under the shield, so happy Hanukkah.

What should I build Next? You decide!

  • Shadow Tahu
  • Shadow Kopaka
  • Shadow Onua
  • Shadow Gali
  • More Makutoran


Votes are public.

I can't do Lewa because I don't have LU yet. Also, I really hope you don't have to get mods permission to post a poll Also, sorry for the exposed Pins on SP's feet, I had to use a head piece in order to get the desired connection. If you want more pictures, I'd be happy to post them, just not rn because I have school in the mornin'


Shadow Pohatu has some odd proportions with the torso being huge, for one. Overall it looks good. And for a simple build, the Makutatoran looks really cool, I like the hand design.

Pretty cool cape. I really like shadow Pohatu's torso but his arms seem very off scale compared to the whole build. The Makutoran looks amazing. Only thing I don't like are the bohrok eyes on his legs but besides that he's really super mega cool. Good job.

Nice MOC. Pohatu looks great and the makutatoran looks like he has a cute little build.

UPDATE: I'm back from school, however I'll be testing all week, so now's the time to ask for stuff. Also, I'll be closing the poll on Tuesday night. Thanks for all of the support. : )

EDIT: It's a tie between Makutoran and Shadow Tahu. might have s'more on Saturday at the least

I don't like the amount of 2015 armor add-on were placed on the lower legs, but Pohatu have some interesting shaping usage-