Shadow ReVAMPed

Quick title explanation

Yes, the capitalization in the title is intentional, its a fun reference to something from one of my other hobbies:

First off, no, this has nothing to do with @Monopoly’s bat army

Over a year or more, Ive slowly been reworking this moc of mine, and I am finally at a point where Im happy with it: Shadow (it has to be 7 characters long)

Detail pics

Two pics with flash so you can see the pieces a bit better, and one showing balance/articulation

Oh yeah, and he’s got weapons now. The spear cant be stored anywhere on the moc, but the sword is usually on his left thigh, with the 4L axle in its hilt being a part of what holds it in place on the moc

Heres a link to the techniques used:

@Monopoly, draw him I dare you.




Also this moc looks pretty good. It’s very ominous and dark

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Okay, but would you be willing to join our cause?

I love the moc! Also, fang reVAMPed motors are amazing


I’m likin’ that noodle arm

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Ill pass

Yes, yes they are.

Thanks! on the original moc it was because I ran out of parts, but its kinda stayed since.


Looks pretty cool, kinda like a member of Darkness’ Species

Is it actually supposed to be one?

Aw man

wait I already knew that

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originally he was meant to be one, but the concept has kinda evolved into a makuta construct or something that was set to keep watch over an island that wasnt important enough to be deserving of a makuta. He’s kinda like the Karzahni plant in a way