Shadow Teleporting Conundrum

It is said that the shadow walking power is exclusive to Shadow Stealer and teleporting is not a automatic power of the shadow element. However it is said that all Makuta can make a teleporting shadow hand like Teridax. So is the ability to teleport using shadows a advance or perhaps Makuta exclusive application of shadows? Or is it related to the fact that the shadow hand is a shadow based power that can move things through space since it can put mass into a pocket dimension where excess mass is stored? Which of these theories are accurate?

Makuta cannot make a teleporting shadow hand. Dimensions of Makuta Mass are inherently tied to the shapeshifting ability, not to the Shadow hand.
From BS01:
" Dimensions of Makuta Mass

These are dimensions to which Makuta shif t unused mass when they shapeshif t.

Each Makuta has their own personal dimension, and cannot access the mass of others."

If you are referring to the scene from Web of Shadows that was just normal Kraata Teleportation power. The Shadow Hand that cme out of the Makuta Stone was merely artistic depiction. Novelization does not have it anyway.
Bionicle Adventures #9 Web of Shadows, page 124:
“There was an explosion of brilliant light so bright it blinded them all. when the glare had faded, Roodaka was no more, with only sharfds of the stone remaining to mark her passing.”


Weird Greg did say all the Makuta can use the teleporting shadow hand power from the movie.

Here is the link

Well, all Makuta can use teleportation, so if you put any Makuta in Teridax’s position, they could have replicated the feat of teleporting Roodaka and it would look the same in the movie.

But the question had the words “used to teleport” which is referring to using a shadow power to teleport instead of the kraata power and Greg said yes,