Shadow (very minor revamp)

This is Shadow, a Jedi who was expelled from the Jedi Order and then sucked into a portal to an alternate dimension. That dimension was Bionicle. Basic CCBS build.

Here’s one from the back:

Here’s one of him force choking a bounty hunter that messed with him.

Here’s the bounty hunter in more detail. He’s pretty small and I made him out of random pieces that were collecting dust on my desk.

Well, that’s all for now. If you have any questions, comments, or advice, please tell me.


Don’t think he’s jedi-like. Maybe a more like grey jedi?IDK crossover humans in bonkles with armor never really worked for me but your story and moc

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He once wore Jedi robes… then he started wearing black. Idk why yet. Also, what’s your opinion on the bounty hunter?

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He’s alright, but the forcechoke thing but the fact that it’s a jedi makes me thing he’s more grey-dark rather than pure light

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best. backstory. ever.


Yes! Definitely! :smiley:



Well, the reason he was expelled was that he used the Force in a non Jedi like way.

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