Shadowed One system Moc

System MOC based off of the legendary Monarch of the Mercenaries, The Shadowed One!
[Now with less yellow]


Welcome to the boards!!!
This moc is pretty cool, the head shaping is great.

Thank you, I have two other separate Mocs that are built with the same techniques, am I allowed to create separate topics?

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as long as they’re different from this moc yeah

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Thank you for this and the warm welcome.


The head is super cool! You did a great job of capturing its likeness, and I appreciate when I see deviations from the Anubis head people seem to like to give him!

Never was a big fan of that.

Awesome job!


Interesting interpritation. He really does have a transformers type feel to him. The head is spot on though, that really does have a TSO look.