Shadower's Mixel Combos: Swamp Serpent

The first of my mixel mocs series, the Swamp Serpent, is a giant snake that swims beneath the murky waters of swamps. This creation is a combination of the Glorp Corp season 3, and the Wiztastics.

I built a stand for him too!

Informal shots.




Looks like something out of Subnautica, I like it


I wish they had giant mixel sets

I read the title as Swampert at first
but this is a okay moc

It’s a bit messy, but I quite like it! The head design is very nice.

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Pretty interesting.

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Muk would be proud.

Great fusion of two themes.

not gona lie this is my least favourite of all your recent mixels, i just feel it looks a bit cluttered and messy

I’m not @Altair, I’m a different person.

I told you the title was misleading…

ahh sorry about that hehehe the title kinda tricked me