Shakahv, The Last Makuta

Here’s a few photos of a MOC I’ve built called Shakahv. He was obviously very much inspired by Shockwave from Transformers. This MOC took a little while to finish since I had to make several different Bricklink orders to get all the Purple, but in the end it was well work it. Enjoy!


Real good construction, love the aesthetic.

inb4 someone says he looks like shockwave


Puuuuuuurple! Oh yeah, nice build, too. :stuck_out_tongue:


I love the different shades of purple in this, and the CCBS looks great over the primarily technic base. Great MOC!


Darn. Someone beat me to it. Especially the torso and leg construction.

Anyway, this is a great moc.

I’ve always loved your stuff, and this is no exception. I love all the purple.

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Good job on Makuta Shockwave, and is there a OoMN member of center robot T-Rex?


What a lovely moc

It is most logical to give it a like because maaaaan, i love anything even remotely related to Shockwave, best girl since G1 :>


Hello Shockwave!

0/10, no gun arm/hand :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, you’re on the TTV boards now?

Great job on the head.

Very similar indeed.
Reminds me of primes version
But in of itself, it’s really cool

I know I’m not the first to say this but he looks like shockwave
(Which is AWSOME!!!)

Haay, its ben. And this beast looks awesome, would have liked a little bit of black, but it looks awesome as it is.

Despite purple being my favourite colour I think it works best with another colour (normally yellow) otherwise great

There’s only room for one Last Makuta with shoulder spikes ‘round these parts.

(nice moc tho)


Excellent work!

Why is everyone saying “inb4 Shockwave” or “he looks like Shockwave”? You very clearly stated that in the second sentence. Apparently people can’t read.

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iT lOoKs LiKe ShOcKwAvE.


His calves are thicc dood.