Shakaron Devourer Of Kanohi

Gender: Male

Species: Unknown

Home: Unknown

Concept and Ideas: I wanted to come up with a moc that was something un used, something to remember. Shakaron’s build started from the legs, but the second thing that was made was the head. The first phase of the head was what you see but without the lower jaw and horns. When I figured out the jaw I was hooked. After finishing the head and body, I took advantage of the head with the movable jaw and made him known to be the devourer of kanohis. He will eat from a power or powerless kanohi, he would even eat krana, if its something that you wear on your face and it has power he will eat it. Plus, he doesn’t just eat kanohis, but, he can also gain there powers… So thats were that idea came from.

Story: Shakaron’s story is still very unknown but from the last time he was seen he appeared to be coming out of a prison dimension with a few chains trapped onto him as he was coming out of the portal. Some say he was using the Kanohi Olmak to escape, but it is still unknown…


this thing looks menacing good job

Take out the “'s” in the title. It should be “Kanohi”!

But otherwise, I really like this! My only suggestion is to put another chain around his neck.

I’m sorry about this, but…


Really cool build though. I love that head with the horns and all. Been a long time since I saw a good “demon” build, and this one’s pretty epic. I’m not so sure about the designs of the lower arms though. The plain technic plates and beams don’t really match the look of the rest of the MOC.


a fairly solid build that for the most part flows nicely, those not-silver-robot hands look out of place but otherwise it looks pretty good.

This is an impressive build. Especially the face, that’s really cool and unique. Kudos to you sir.

that jaw, good lord that’s freaky, nice job

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Very menacing, especially that face. I also like the design of the limbs and their overall physique. Some of the textures look off though good job overall.

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This is an amazing MOC! The design is very creative!

You nailed the jaw.
Wings are neat.

The head, wings, and cape are excellent. The horns add a lot to it, and the color scheme is, for the most part, solid. I really like the foot design, and the chest design (particularly where it meets the shoulders) is nice.

However, there are some cons to note. The silver feels out of place in this otherwise dark colored MOC, as it doesn’t really act as a highlight or accent color. The lower leg design is fairly simple and gappy, and the hands/lower arms have a style that doesn’t match the rest of the MOC (both color and design-wise). The upper legs are also a tad cluttered, but it’s nothing major.

Overall, very good MOC. The aesthetic is pulled off effectively, and the largest flaws really are those arms and the silver, which is offset by the fantastic head design and very cool wings, as well as the epic feet. I like it.

I got to admit this looks great.
Really like the wings.