Shakaron, Devourer Of Kanohi

Well this is certainly interesting, the head is fantastic too.
The lower legs are a bit gappy, and so are the lower arms, especially the wrists.

What an incredible seeing, I am in love, but I feel like it is a little big but still pretty cool

thanks, what do you mean by “a little big”? Do you mean that by saying it may topple over? Big is bad? Explain.

i think he means that it maybe it’s too big, for what it’s going for.

well, just remember this:

Big =/= Quality.

Quality = Quality.

True, true. Not that I would put it as “Bigger is better” but more in the sense of what I’m comparing it to in size such as my self moc to something bigger and menacing (even though its harder to moc on that kind of scale).

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