Shakaron, Devourer Of Kanohi

This update (if your familiar with this moc) was a birthday present to Shakaron for having him for over a year and he still stands as one of my better known moc’s; on other social meda’s.

Shakaron, The twin brother of Akonga (gzb_mocs on instagram) and son of Atua, his main power is to eat Kanohis and gain their power by doing so. An example of his actions goes to the time he escaped Romancra’s world “The Prison Dimension” using the Kanohi Olmak to enter “Dregn’s reality”. Ever since then his motives have been unknown for why he is doing what he is doing, but there seems to be no end of what he has planned.


O… o jeez… dis b cool…

If I could get a close up on that face… I can’t entirely tell what it is made of, but it looks absolutely amazing


Really…really cluttered. A bit of a jigsaw puzzle of armor.

the knees are really exposed, and the arms are just…bad, in my opinion. Hate to say it like that, but they’re just really awkwardly armored and shaped. Also the wings are more of an explosion of shrapnel than wings, but that can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the goal.

On the bright side, I do really like the head and torso. They are quite well done, particularly the head, which is menacing and combines parts excellently :ok_hand:


This is amazing! I love how this is built, the colours work exceptionally well, and it has a very imposing stature and silhouette! I guess my only problem would be that the wings look a tiny bit cluttered, but other than that, fantastic job!


building off of @Ekorak 's comments, the legs, from the side, look really hollow.

that, and yeah, the arms look bad.

they’re too blocky, and don’t mesh with the rest of the mock, with its smooth textures against the greebleyness of the rest of the body

I can see what you mean, but I see it being fine for the size of the moc, its harder to work on this kind of scale of a moc. Not every armor piece comes in a massive size so it leads to cluttering some up or making everything one color. Its not rainbow colored but maybe the gaps can be filled on my part. But thanks for your thoughts though

Ok first impression, this is awesome. The face, torso and upper legs, albeit a bit gappy, is really well done.
Super rad moc!

NOOOOOOOO!!! Don’t eat that yellow Kaukau!

That head idea is genius, fits together so well and just looks… right


  • }T{ That stupid master }T{
    In all seriousness, this is phenomenal!I love the feet, wings, torso, most of the legs, and most of all the head! I do agree to a degree with @Ekorak’s thoughts on the legs from the side and the arms, but I really like the hea. Seriously, it’s amazing. Looks freaking demonic. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this on a MOC spotlight soon!

huh, I guess the Vahi’s are a no no. But thanks, that means a lot.

Are the chains dangling off it the chains he forged in life?

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Unless that is a joke im not getting, no, they are the chains he had to break out of when he was in the Prison Dimension.

It’s a Christmas Carol reference :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, I haven’t seen that movie in awhile

Welp, there goes tonight’s sleep.

Seriously this is fantastic. I love it so much.

I can see a great shelek, a rahkshi head, and some blades.

Very impressive, good sir.

Thank you, jolly good fellow

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That’s amazing!