Shakespearean Star Wars Books

Has anyone read these books. The’re really cool and really fun to read.


Oh yes, I’ve only read one, but they are good.

to be honest I didn’t care for them

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I flipped through some of them while I was out. Very interesting, I might pick up a few. Which books are the best?

I read the first two a while ago. I need to read them again, I’ve forgotten how they went

I haven’t read them all but empire is pretty good.

I’ve seen them in stores before and flipped through them. Very amusing and inventive idea, especially given the many thematic similarities between Star Wars and Shakespeare…

I never heard of it, what it about?

It’s basicly the star wars movies written in the style of a Shakespearean play.

I currently own the first one, “William Shakespeare’s Star Wars.”

It’s quite a read. It follows the original film very closely and I love the addition of some of the directions of how the play is formatted, and how it can actually be preformed. The pictures are also pretty solid.

For me it’s sort of a thing where Im like, “It’s hard to read, but still entertaining because it’s Star Wars, in Shakespearean English.” Im currently reading the books in the particular order. I’ve started out with The Empire Striketh Back The illustrations are neat, the added dialouge for characters like R2-D2 is unique, and apparently cheese is now a form of magic… (oh wait, wrong book).

It’s an interesting concept.
Will I read them?
I dunno…

I first found out about the series in 2014, when my mom bought me the first William Shakespeare’s Star Wars book (Verily, A New Hope). Then I got The Empire Striketh Back and The Jedi Doth Return for my birthday. For Christmas that year (in 2015) I got The Phantom Of Menace, The Clone Army Attacketh, and Tragedy Of The Sith’s Revenge. Right about that time, Episode VII came out, and the author said that it was possible that he’d do a book on that movie, no plans were set in stone yet. I forgot about it for a while, but then in 2017, I decided to look it up, and lo and behold! William Shakespeare’s The Force Doth Awaken! So of course I got that for Christmas, and then came Jedi The Last next year. Now I know that William Shakespeare’s The Merry Rise Of Skywalker is gonna come out in July of this year. #hyped

But I’ve also found out that the author has started a “Pop Shakespeare” series where he’s done Much Ado About Mean Girls, Get Thee…Back To The Future, and The Taming Of The Clueless. The Star Wars thing was cool because it was such a fresh, unique idea and it worked so well. But now the author’s taking random classic movies and turning them into Shakespeare plays…yeah…I’m not sure how I feel about that…

Very fun idea, but reading a long monologue by R2D2 in iambic pentameter is a bit much.


My thoughts exactly. The book names are great though.

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