Shaman Dabez

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This is sweet, I especially like the head and staff.

voodoo heads reborn


The head shaping is really cool, and the staff looks great

Very nice. Yellowish green isn’t something I’ve seen too often on tribal style MOCs, but it works wonderfully with the burnt orange and reddish brown. I also like how the dreamcatcher staff was designed.

Phenomenal work, I love the dream catcher and the colors going so well

This is great!! That face is amazing.

Thats just unfair, that your so much better at mocing than me!

This is great. I love the dream catcher staff.

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Alright, wow. That’s amazing.

Wow, this is really cute and detailed.

I really love smaller, Matron sized builds with a lot of detail. The added cloth detail for the clothes also really sell the figure without distracting from the armor.

It actually reminds me a lot of Zelda’s Skull Kid.


love the look on this Moc.

i agree with the praise the others have given it.