Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

I really don’t know what to think about this new 2021 entry in the MCU.

Am I the only one who observed how the MCU transcends into a mirror of the modern comic universe, instead of naturally continuing forward with the events and releases? I mean sure, there is no rule in this, but I really expected them to wait some time before suddenly pushing in modern heroes.
I dunno, maybe Shang-Chi isn’t even that modern. I barely know anything about it.
Tho it will have the real Mandarin. It was just about the time.
And hey: maybe it will somehow introduce a new, cannon version of Iron Fist into the MCU. That would be great.


I guess this isn’t just a new phase; it’s a new saga. We’re getting cornier names, more obscure heroes, and I don’t even know what else. We’re out with most of the old, in with a lot of new.

Trevor Slattery will always be the Mandarin in my heart, no one can change this no matter how loudly they whine

I’m very excited for this movie solely on the prospect that it might kick off a revival of the Bruce Lee era of kung-fu movies.

I’m not nostalgic for them since they were before my time, but I’m a big fan of the pure mastery and art that goes into a really masterfully choreographed fight. And if we’re gonna juice it up with a little MCU mystical superheroic-ness, then that’ll be even cooler!


If we lose current Iron Fist, we lose Daredevil, and that isn’t a trade I’m willing to make. The new Blade actor already has me worried.
But a martial arts superhero movie sounds amazing. If the fight scenes are winter soldier or daredevil level, it could be perfect.

We do have the actress for Minn-Erva (may she rest in peace) in Eternals…

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Oh wow, didn’t know that. I researched it after you said it, turns out there are quite a few actors with numerous roles in the MCU.

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There are?