Tell me what you think, and give ways to improve please


It looks like you just Merged Pohatu and Nilkuu together

maybe some more pieces not just from 2015 and maybe make it a custom build

It does a bit, wasn’t intentional. I’m not good with custom builds of mocs this size.

And I don’t have any pieces that would fit from previous years or 2016

Looks a bit stocky in some places, but I can look over that. If anything, this MOC has a nice vibe to it; I feel as if it would actually work as a real set.

Give me that dinosaur book and nobody has to perish today. ._.

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Use two of each piece. Connect them together using two size 2 axels and two half pins. Attach it to the back of the protector ccbs frame and use it as arm connection. This frees up the frame for extra customizing.

Just burn it, it is scientifically inaccurate. Real dinosaurs have feathers and not crocodile skin!

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Hey look, a dinosaur

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It makes sense it’s meant to be a Gig not asaurus

Giganotosauri have no evidence of having feathers.

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However it is predicted they might have done based on t-rex etc. But there is also no evidence it didn’t either

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Go watch this

Yes but there is no evidence of a giganotasaurus had feathers. A t-Rey did, he never denied that.

I’m subbed to him. It’s very likely I’ve watched it.

Woah, that’s cool

we have the same wallpaper

It is very nice wallpaper tbf