Shapeshifting Weapons

Since it is said that a Makuta’s weapons can change their shape with them and it seems just the weapons can be changed since it was mentioned in a quote is it just any weapon or it does have to be specially made? Because technically for a Makuta due to their vast strength a car can count as a hand held weapon.


I don’t think they work like adaptive weapons, so i would guess that the weapon counts as an extension of them, similar to the KardaNui Makuta whose weapons became an extension of their body like claws and blades.

I don’t think their tools change shape with them. I know their masks and armor do, because Artakha designed them to do so, but I haven’t heard of their tools doing the same. Can you provide a source?

It includes both Toa-Tool weapons and a proto-steel launcher. (page 79).
Read more details off of the associated links in the adaptive weapons section on Biosector’s page.

This is in regards to the Toa, not Makuta.

It is referenced multiple times throughout the Karda Nui arc.

From Legends 9: Shadows in the Sky:

“Well, we should be able to help with these,” Pohatu said, looking at the large, shoulder-mounted weapon he carried. It had appeared when his armor transformed upon arrival in Karda Nui.

From Legends 10: Swamp of Secrets:

Onua readied his Midak Skyblaster – and then discovered to his surprise that his weapon was no longer a Skyblaster. It had morphed into something resembling Bitil’s launcher.

Gorast tried to shake it off, but the sphere held fast. Gali glanced at her weapon, finding it had morphed into a virtual duplicate of what Gorast carried.


Official Greg Discussion | Page 273
Official Greg Dialogue | Page 251

EDIT: Never mind all that, I misinterpreted the question.

But yes, there is a source for the Makuta’s weapons being able to shapeshift:


I had linked something similar but the OP is asking about the Makuta’s tools, not the Toa.