Sharak the bounty hunter

This is a moc that i made about four years from now. It was one of those days when i just sat down and just built, didn't really have any inspiration just built. and this was the result.

ignore the date

Now for some posing i liket

I don't have decided what he should be named, the names i have are, Sharak, Umbra and Kari.

I am going to right a story for all of my mocs just for fun.


Very interesting. A massive robotic Dark Hunter.

Keep up the great work!



You made it in 2019?

can you time travel?


Maybe he could be called Venator?


I'd suggestbmaking his cannon bigger somehow. Although, it is an excellent cannon as is, so perhaps save it for another MOC? I dunno. It just looks a little small to me, but otherwise, great job!

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Ooooh! A gun arm open_mouth

Rhai you figure it out.

@Cordak_the_Last_Makuta Thats a good name mind if i take that from ye?

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The gun arm

tis quite nice

much arm cannon

I wouldn't mind at all. It's all yours.

Fun Fact: If you didn't know already, it's the Latin word for hunter.

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