Share your Minecraft Skin!

So, I recently made a Minecraft skin for myself...

So I wanted to ask: What does your Minecraft skins look like?


Mine looks like this :

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Need I say more about my skin?


I am a potato
I also decided to add the background of this pirate ship I once made on a realm owned by the lass known as @Risebell yar har


i am a slime in a suit

where do you think my avatar came from? stuck_out_tongue


This is currently mine, standing in front of a huge Axonn Axe.

No, it's not Italy.

Here ya go!

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I've gone through a few of them.

The first one I ever had was Kamen Rider OOO Gatakiriba

The second was Kamen Rider Baron in his Banana arms. I ditched this one because I couldn't get proper horns with the square restrictions of MC.

The last one I had was Kamen Rider Knight in his Survive Armor.

And the most current is Kamen Rider Nyran himself. A fan made character finally brought to life, at least in MC Skin form.

Also, Art by @CompleteZero

Yes, I know about the Minecraft screenshot thing, this was just easier for me so bleh.


I can't find the exact skin.
So this.

But blocky.

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Here's my skin created by me on Miners need cool shoes:

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Mine is simple... and temporary.

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Mine is Anthony from both Crystal Bonds and Infinity.

So uh.

Little known fact.

I originally went on the internet by the alias of MCenderdude.

Took me a while to re-find this skin on my old computer. Thank goodness for flash drives.

There's actually a full story behind this character. His name is Endron. He may look like a player sized Enderman but in reality he is a mutated Ender Dragon. The gauntlet on his right arm allows him to place blocks, and his left eye (the red one) is a Demon Eye. I'd go more in depth, but that would take too long =P


Here's mine (Of course I used Mine-Imator to showcase it, but still. :P):

It's based upon the clothes I wear. ^-^

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not sure if you can see but its layed out

its matoro i tried to extend it

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Here it is:


I usually just use Biocraft Tahu or Pohatu as my skin.

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