Share Your Time Zones

This is the page for sharing your time zones. I don't think it will have much use except for the fact it can organize games better, so you can all sync up and stuff. Just... share if you want to! I'm Eastern BTW.


Central Time Zone!

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I am in the 14th trans-galactic sea mountain timezone.

(Mountain time)

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BST (British Summer Time).

Pacific Time Zone.

Eastern Standard.

I usually am on China's time zone (which is all the same because the centralized government set it so that time is measured from what time it is in beijing).

I'm at EST

Since I'm in England right now, it's UTC+1 (BST).

I'm in US Central.

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I'm EST (along with most of the other members of the Mod Squad, which makes recording Modcasts a lot easier).

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+1 Time zone, now guess which it is?

Ayy that's me

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Eastern over here!

Eastern Standard Time!

Eastern Standard Time over here... Seems like quite a few others, too.

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Pacific Standard Time!

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BST (England)

Im not good with time zones but is almost 7 in the morning here in australia so i have no clue