Shark Bro

Shark. Bait. Oohahah.

You’ll usually catch him with his tongue hanging out.

I liked giving him two different weapons. Like one that looks designed for him and one that looks all broken like he just picked it up off of the sea floor or something.


I feel like the legs could use some gold, but other than that this is a really nice build. A shark warrior is a pretty great idea for a Moc and I think it turned out well. Good job!


The build is a bit messy, but I still like it overall.

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Firstly, welcome back to the boards! Secondly, this is great. I love the use of Gali’s shoulder armor as a lower jaw.

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Street Sharks! Street Sharks!

The colour scheme make me think of Carapar’s mutation going in a very different direct.

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@PilotofSolace Took your advice and placed some gold studs in the empty holes on the legs. Thanks.

@TheMOCingbird Haha that lower jaw was my favorite part too.

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