Shark Week MOC: Tiger Shark

So coming in at the last second is me with a pretty nifty moc. Not gonna go too much into anything; it’s a shark on four legs.

Main View

Top View



He’s pretty posable.

The build for this guy is actually super complicated. One of the most complex skeletons i’ve ever done.

Intimidation pose.


Close-up of the build for the head. Lot’s of articulation in there. The rubber band is just there to add friction to the bottom jaw.

Comments and criticisms are encouraged! :smiley:


FEED ME! At least, I think that’s what this guy is trying to say.


that’s sick!

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@Adazai lol

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  • I like the armored look of the MOC
  • Great use of the Avohkii as the lower jaw
  • It’s great to see the Jawblade head mold used
  • The color scheme is a little jumbled in my opinion with Black, Gunmetal Gray, and Silver.
  • The neck seems a little too exposed
  • The Tail seems to be dangerously thin

Overall I would say that it gets an 8/10.
Good Job!

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Thanks I appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:

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10/10 for the play on words alone.

the head feels sort of disjointed for a shark,
otherwise pretty good.


But what’s worse than a tiger shark on land…?
A clown tiger shark.

That is ridiculously cool. I don’t care if the head/neck stands out, it just really rocks.

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Appreciate it man :slight_smile:

I like how you’ve taken an existing sharks name and just made it literal. Very creative! Also, brilliant execution, this is one mean looking tiger… shark… I feel like this is what Energy Hounds should’ve been; walking sharks.



Presumably you could have made it more evident that he was a shark first by making the legs a different style than the shark’s body. As it is I might not have recognized it as a shark at first glance.

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This creature is really cool but but I feel that it could do with another Dorsal fin on it’s back to carry across the shark more. Other than that, I really like this

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Wow, that looks awesome! I love the idea! Can’t wait to see it on a fake leak! :wink:


I tried a dorsal fin but nothing really worked :confused: Although I agree I think it could’ve brought more of that “shark” element into it

@PekekoaOfJungle funny


@PekekoaOfJungle It’s skull shark!

@toxicmocs that is one of the best creatures I’ve ever seen.

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@TakanuvaMasterOfTime Ha thanks XD