Shattered Soul Uriel (click images for full view)

Ok, so lets begin this is Uriel (yes the archangel) his full backstory of his ‘young’ form can be found on my archangels topic so lets begin shall we.

(click images for full view)

Uriel, Shattered Soul Form

Ex-archangel Uriel was reduced to almost nothing after the fall of scalla ad caelum when Satanas/Dark Gabriel killed Raphael and Michael then proceeded to eliminate most of the gods saying that he would reclaim his throne atop everything and cast out all life out of scalla ad caelum which flung Uriel’s dying body back down to his home planet, Adraxia where he was discovered not a while after landing and was dragged to a medical centre and the physicians salvaged what they could from what was left from him needless to say he became quite disfigured and not even recognisable as the leader of the archangels so he resounded his name and became a hit man to whom ever would hire his services.

His Hearts End (main weapon): Edax Animae

Uriel’s Theme: Stone Tower - Rozen Topic

Uriel’s Battle Theme: Masked Dedede Remix - Kirby Triple Deluxe


Action Shot


Disclosure! Must Be Read!

Yes i am going to show you the frames and i will upload a how to build post later however if you happen to use my frame you must give me credit somewhere on the post and label witch frame you used kind of like the #bignicle tag for the bignicle frame. Now with that over with please enjoy.

The Geezer.Type 2 Frame

Yes this example is very awkward and asymmetrical but that was just because of how i wanted the moc to be with his backstory having him disfigured and what not. If you use this keep it the same or make it symmetrical and less awkward.

Thanks for reading my first post of the year lets hope that there are many more to come


I can see what you were going for, but it still needs a lot of work. It feels very incomplete, especially with all those empty uncovered spots.

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Really spindly but unique!