Haven’t really watched the animated show, seeing that most of the modern Marvel animated shows are considered bad and inferior to their predecessors. The Agents of SMASH tho seem like a fun concept, but first we need to have enough content to establish the other members, and enough content to make Red Hulk’s passing from bad guy to good guy feel organic.

Ah. Well I kinda felt the need to say that, seeing that a number of people really see me as a hardcore anti-feminist.

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It’s cool man. I understand.

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If half the episodes aren’t about her being a lawyer and going to court, what’s the point of any of this?

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Do you have a problem with court? Courtroom dramas can be great.

She does engage in super hero work in the comics too, don’t worry. But I always found the lawyer stuff to be fun too.

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Sorry, I forgot the not part. I’m for the courtroom drama

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Too bad she can’t be Spider-Man’s lawyer

Let’s just hope Sony will come back by that point.

Pfffft :stuck_out_tongue:

Disney was getting greedy. Annoying as it is, I think the Sony split was perfectly justified.

My wish is more that intellectual property wouldn’t be treated the way that it currently is and we’d just focus on telling decent stories, but that’s not happening anytime soon :stuck_out_tongue:


Disney was getting greedy, but Sony didn’t give them a counter offer.

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I personally think it’s both’s fault. While Disney just had to ask for more money before the contract would expire, Sony went all like crazy, called the wolf, and left forgetting that it was getting galons of money from the deal.

That much is true. I’m just a bit reserved when it comes to Disney making moves like that. Thanks to the fox deal (among others) they already have a sizeable percentage of the movie industry at their fingertips. Monopolies historically have been catastrophic in the long-term.

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Disney more than likely is well aware by this. I mean, they just have to. Legally speaking, they still don’t have a monopoly in the movie industry. Seeing that Disney buying Fox was the biggest thing in Hollywood since… Disney buying Lucasfilm I guess, Disney will more than likely cool itself down, at least till other companies like Warner Brothers, AT&T (if they have any other studio besides WB), Sony, Universal, or other smaller independent studios will grow big enough to pose a threat to them.
But in the comicbook superhero industry, yeah they have a monopoly. Technically speaking there are other superhero universes that they can’t touch, but I doubt that the DCEU (if it even is alive at this point) will suddenly become bigger than the MCU, even tho it obviously has the potential.
Tho I recently observed how the lines between superhero movies and summer blockbuster movies becomes more and more blurry. Sure, superhero movies were initially just a branch of summer blockbuster movies, but the MCU proved us that they can be so much more than just mindless action movies with cool special effects. Nowadays every major franchise has its own comics, whether they are indies, IDWs or whatever. For example, if Paramount would suddenly decide to adapt an IDW Transformers comic as a movie, would that be classified as a comicbook (maybe even superhero) movie?

I would legit give all my money if they started a Lost Light franchise :stuck_out_tongue: