Nothing really hypes me about this except for the fact that we will see Hulk again. This will also be the show in which we will probably loose him. Let’s just hope that he will get a good send-off, like Tony and Cap did.
And other than that… Yeah… Thoughts?

From what I’ve seen of she-hulk, she seems like a fun character, despite her rule 63 nature. I remain neutrally curious at this time.

What’s that?

I think that’s the “there’s always an opposite gender of an established character.” Rule.

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Looks cool.

I mean they all but ruined Hulk for me in Endgame. So I don’t care what’ll happen to him. As for the show, I’m sure it’ll be alright. I look forward to see what they’ll do with She-Hulk.

I see people don’t remotely know who She-Hulk is here and that’s a shame. She’s not just a genderbend character. She has her own adventures and antics. She can actually control her hulk-out for one thing. (I highly recommend John Bryne’s run if you want to see her definitive version.)

She’s also a fantastic character with lots of charm and strength and often deals with legal work. Gosh do I hope Matt Murdock can be in here too so we can see them go neck and neck at court.


I actually like She-Hulk a lot more than Bruce Banner.

Anyone who dismisses this show as just “pandering” needs to actually read a darn comic.

Props to Chronicler for spreading the good word on all these topics.


Well we’ll see how pandering it is. She’s one of the only female heros that is successful unlike just about everyone else. I will almost bet Disney will ruin it by making her lesbian, sexist / manhating, or fighting society’s judgement through the “patriarchy” though.
For every one good thing I hear about Disney I hear several more bad things.

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for someone who supposedly hates politics you sure do love bringing it up. like it or not it’s incredibly difficult, if not outright impossible to make something non political. As the creative teams are people and do see the world in that light. It’s then to you how you interprete it and react. Whether it be by silently protesting via not watching or complaining on the internet.

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Yeah, tho one is to be silent about an issue, and one is to go hardcore into propaganda.
I am not fully on Khalsa’s side. Tho. She-Hulk is at least two years away. I forsee that this trebd of making movies just for the sake of politics will dry off by then.

Well, honestly it’s down to a principle of wanting people to get context and understand characters when watching these shows. I used to think I knew Spider-Man until I sat down and read most of his comics from the 60’s-early 90’s. Needless to say my outlook has changed on the characters.

Also comics are a great medium and more people need to get into them! There’s so many good ones out there! Don’t be scared about sensationalist media that “report” on comics my dudes! Go and read stuff yourselves and make up your own mind.


Kinda meh about this.

I just wish we got more than the eight episodes or whatever on this. If they don’t release her into the mianstream MCU (which Disney has seemed to forgotten is actually the movies), I hope we get a few more seasons. I mean, if we could get Red Hulk, Red She-Hulk, and the Maestro in the MCU, I think that’d be really neat.

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Or maybe, just maybe, they’re making the show not entirely for/because of politics, but instead actually want to make a series about an interesting character, no different than Antman or Doctor Strange, and anything political is just a side effect, or likely you seeing things that aren’t there.

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Dude, I really respect you, but once again you miss my point.
In that very post I said that I am not on Khalsa’s side, at least not fully, that side being the “this movie will more than likely be political propaganda yet again”. When I say “at least not fully” I mean at the fact that I am a little sceptical, as sceptical as I am with everything. There will always be this scepticism, no matter the subject or the ideas on which said scepticism is founded. It can be political, or whatever, but it will always be there.
TLDR: I don’t think that She-Hulk will be a political movie

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Fair enough. Though I still think it’s unfair to assume a new show or movie centered around a female lead will be pandering/political. Yes it’s possible, but by no means should it be the first thing we think of.

To be fair, I never said she was just a genderbend character. Like I’ve said, I’ve seen a bit of what she’s like and I think she’ll be a fun addition. It’s just that name… ack, so lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

It wasn’t. My first thought was “Huh… Please handle Banner in a decent way”. Literally.
But when it comes of this

Believe it or not, but even after Carol, Rey, etc, I still haven’t got to that point. The only show that remotely pushed me there was Ms. Marvel, but even then my first thought was “wait, three Captain Marvels?”.

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Personally this intrigues me, not really for the character specifically, but for an MCU style Hulk and The Agents of S.M.A.S.H set up. That would be awesome.

I wasn’t referring to you specifically. Just people in general.