She-Ra and The Princess of Power (2018 Series)

So a reboot of She Ra appeared on Netflix recently and it is amazing. Everything from the characters, writing, and animation is all outstanding. To anyone who hasn’t given it a watch yet I highly recommend trying it out.


Good god please tell me you’re joking.

Personally I love this show. It’s only13 episodes at the moment, but every single one of them is memorable and wonderfully written.

And I will admit I may be slightly obsessed with one character in particular.

Yeah. Only slightly.


Heard it was rather funny.

I just don’t have a netflix due to the fact I don’t really watch too many shows anymore. Though I’ll probably pirate this if I can.

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I don’t have Netflix and I don’t really intend to see the show. In general, I didn’t really grow up with He-Man, She-Ra and their universe, nor had I interest in them.

However… I’ve come across the controversy surrounding the show, in that it’s reaally pushing a ‘woke’ agenda.

And that’s about all I can say about it. Otherwise I’d have to get really political, which I believe is ill-adviced here.

Same here actually. I initially tried the show just for the sake of it, and was pleasantly surprised.

I mean, its there, but not nearly as prominent as say Steven Universe. The whole controversy is more so people just blowing things out of proportion.

Not my cup of tea, although trust me, when it comes to tv shows, I try to have an open mind and see past gender bias, but this just proved to be the average agenda driven Netflix show.

Again, the whole “agenda” thing isn’t nearly as prominent and upfront as people make it out to be.

I would agree, but it is still prominent enough for a mention here.

Yes. It’s there enough that one might want to know about it before going in. But not nearly enough to be a deterrent.

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Definitly not, I was simply mentioning it for anyone who may be sensitive to that kind of thing in a kids show.

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And of all the things to get that form of representation, I was quite surprised to find that one of the main characters, Entrapta, has a clear case of ADHD. This is something I was very happy to see, not only because you don’t often see fictional characters with this kind of condition, but it’s also something I personally deal with.

(Its probably a big part of why she’s my favorite character)

I don’t get it

I can agree that any repreantation for people with disabilities of any kind is good and definitly not contraversial. It is the other, more touchy types of representation I was warning people about. A lot of people, especially families, are not comfortable with that kind of thing.

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I fully admit I expected much worse since all they were focusing on for advertising is the wamen but after watching a couple of episodes it’s actually pretty good. The npc advertising is really just hurting it since surprisingly the general public doesn’t like forced political agendas where it doesn’t belong.

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How many episodes have you seen so far?

I’m on episode 4. It’s not too impressive but it’s not a ghostbusters 2016 npc dumpster Fire I was expecting.

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I’m not expecting anything near Voltron quality but it wasn’t bad.

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