I wanted to make a artillery platform transformer. So I did. I originally wanted to make him have giant shoulder cannons like the Guncannon, but it turned out to be too much of a kibble. It’s really stable in both modes, least stable part is probably the front of the truck when transforming.

Now, it’s not a proper artillery platform, more like a giant turret on the back of a hover truck. Hover Trucks do not need wheels by the way…

Robot Mode:

My currently built transformers:

Thoughts? Critiques?



That’s an interesting Transformer you’ve got there.

other than the truck feeling slightly too short and the front bumper being a bit too wide, this looks pretty good

Cool robo-dude.

The arms are very Armada Demolishor-ish.

not a bad lil’ guy, with his Drill cannon shoulders.

Certainly splendid. The cannons might stick up a bit far, but I don’t mind it.


Yeah, the truck mode is rather short. And now that you mention it, the bumper may also be a bit too wide. Thanks!

Yeah, thanks!


Thanks! The cannons are pretty tall in comparison to the rest of him, but they’re giant cannons, so…

Well. Fairly nice. The arms are a bit thin in robot mode but this still looks amazing.

Has a really nice style to it. I like it.

Thanks! The arms might be a bit thin, but the other option was a 2x2, and I think this looks better.


This is a average M.O.C. with a few major problems that hold it back. The long antenna and twin cannons seem both too large and slapped on at the last minute.
The curve of the bumper seems rather abrupt. It’s gradual to a point then it sharply cuts off on the 2-by-1 jumper, then again with the small 1-by-1 tile piece. It’s like you tried to do two things then failed on both. It would have been better if you chose one or the other.
The back is also terrible with exposed studs in both forms, robot and truck form.
In the Truck form it seems that ShellRush could fall over especially with the lasers attached.
The robot form has even more flaws. Let’s start from the head and work down. One, It is really hard to tell if the head is meant to be a cyclops with a spiky head or a regular face with a helmet. The cannons are again too large and if positioned wrong could cause him to fall over both backwards and forwards.
The arms have a lot of exposed studs that could easily be covered by tiles. They are also somehow more lanky than even The Dark Master’s.
Overall an average M.O.C. If you addressed those problems it would be an almost perfect Transformers M.O.C.

Still love how this thing looks. Proportions are off but I can’t think of much that really bugs me.

Cannons were actually one of the first things I built. They may be too large, but I personally like it. And the antenna has been changed so it’s at an angle.

Yeah, I took the 1x1 tile off, but really the jumper is there to hold the truck front together. Otherwise it’d have a large crack.

I suppose you mean anti-studs, but to be fair, it is a transformer moc, and they aren’t always the prettiest. At least there isn’t a giant kibble. XD

The lasers don’t really deattach tho… and to be fair, it is a hovertruck, so it doesn’t have to really worry about that.

Well, if it has one eye, then it’s probably a cyclops. And is that really a problem?

I don’t have a problem with that. They’re actually really light for their size, the main problem is the lack of feet.

Yeah, probably could be covered with tiles, studs aren’t always bad. And Shellrush’s arms are pretty well proportioned, ending around mid thigh.

K then. I don’t have too many problems with it. I doubt I’ll really change all that much, besides the feet. Thanks tho.

Thanks. I think it’s the legnth of the thighs. Can’t do much since that keeps the length of the truck.

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This is so heckin cool man.


That’s really cool. It gives off some anime gundam vibes.
I really like it. The colors work really well.

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Transformers. More than meets the eye!
Great job! The shaping is really good

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