Shelter "anime short"

So this has really great animation in my opinion, and I thought there would be some people here who would appreciate the animation. So I decided to make a topic about it.

Also this short animation has brought up a big controversy in the anime community specifically Reddit. It’s basically that this shouldn’t be classified as anime, so what’s your overall opinion on this?


Looks beautiful; and I’m gonna call it anime because close enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well if it’s animated in japan than it’s anime but it’s beautifully animated no matter what

Looks great, I like the animation quality, and it’s good

Here we go, another semantics battle :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d classify it as an Original Animated Music Video, or an OAMV, so like a mix of an Original Network Animation (ONA) and an AMV.

Twas a really nice short. I appreciate the fact that the majority of it wasn’t dialogue driven. It’s always nice to see that in animation; utilising the medium almost entirely to convey it’s story. Must say, it was very well edited :smile:.

– Waj


Aww yesss. I just watched this a few minutes at the time of this post. Really mysterious, I liked that feel. I think a lot of controversy came up not because it isn’t ‘real anime’, but considerably the content itself. I know a lot of people didn’t like the tone, or just plain didn’t seem to get it.

I liked it. 7/10

Well that was depressing.
It was good, though.

How curios.

I shall eat this melon, go away, come back at a latter time, and give it another watch…