Sherok WIP (V2)

i'm still trying to make her look decently good for a small moc, any improvements or changes I could make?, i'd be happy to know.

Note: this moc uses the 2016 bionicle pelvis piece, I finally was able to figure out a use for it that doesn't have to ue that awful looking 2016 body piece.


Nice MOC, although I have to suggest that you put something on those upper arms as they look weird without anything on them.


Great work as always mah man

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Love the design. Those blades coming over the shoulder look really good. The colour scheme is decently consistent. I love the bare bones upper arm, it's great when people use simplistic designs in their mocs. Overall I really love everything. Good job.

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This is really good, I like the usage of those pieces on the shoulders and back
Great job on all of your mocs! :smiley:

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The armor looks really weird from the side, but I like the design. Nice job.

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Is it wrong that Im more “ooouuued” with that Kulta moc?

This moc looks great as well, but that Kulta one, man, pretty sweet.

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thanks bro!

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