Sherolon, being of plasma

I built this a while ago to try out several concepts that I had. I think it turned out quite well for what I wanted to do. Mostly I just wanted to use the phantoka visors as abdomen armor. I also wanted to try and keep some poseability in the shoulders, as I wanted to use those masks on them. I achieved most of those goals. The grey feet and fingers are out of place, I know, but I haven’t swiched them out since getting more.

Creating some plasma.

Front View

Back View

As you can see, he can easily move his shoulders without ruining his asthesic much.

My camera likes to try and color balance way too much. I need to figure out how to fix that.

Several people were asking for a closer look at the torso on Flickr, so i took some more pictures.

Just a quick look inside the torso. It’s actually fairly simple. Not as complicated as you would think.

A back view of the torso. Those borok shields are held to each other by some flexible tubing. They aren’t connected to anything else officially

Well, this is my first creation that i have posted on this site. I hope that all of you enjoy it! Thanks for taking a look!


awesome! But I cant help but ask- why did you use the red joints for his shoulders :confused:

Interesting. I don’t like how you positioned the mask. It makes his face look blank. Can you move it’s legs upwards?

@AmazingDirtHunter I used the smallest hero factory bone and the smallest torso is incorporated into the torso.

@ToaSonus I can’t really move the legs, the gap there is just a result of the armoring.

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It’s amazing.

I don’t really like the head, but that body tho…

those red bones…

Jesus holy frickin’ MOC, man, this looks - how would @GIF.Man.Ben put it - groovy.

Looks awesome!

The head looks strange to me.
The torso looks really solid.
It apparently can’t move it’s legs very well.
Got to love Dem hands.
Those legs look to be built very well. I just wish they could move its legs more.
Why is there an open socket in the back of the head.

Overall groovy MOC man.



Notable points:
The head is interesting
The torso is intricate-looking
The feet are waaay too small

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I think the head is really cool looking. I like the use of the visors.

Nice moc I really like it be way the visors look as abs

Nice use of colors, even if he is a bit… weak kneed

Apart from the red joints in the shoulders, this is amazing!

I don’t really like the head all that much, but everything else is pretty cool

quite an interesting design.

Though from some posing and proportions is sorta appeared… effeminate

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Thanks for the criticisms. I took most of these pictures pretty fast, and i will try to take some better ones and link to them in this topic. I’ll try to also make some modifications as per everyone’s suggestions.

No no, I was asking why they were red, not why you chose those specific parts.

I din’t have any black ones available at the time. Since taking pictures, I have gotten some new sets and changed them out to black.